रासायन विज्ञान(W18)

1. Which Of The Following Is A Polymer


2. Alloys,  In Which Mercury Is One Of The Metal Are Called


3. Which Of The Following Has The Lowest Ionization Potential


4. Glycerol Is Used For All Of The Following, Except


5. Which Of The Following Statement About The Properties Of Water Is Not Correct


6. पेंसिल बनाने में प्रयुक्त कार्बन हैं
The carbon used in making pencils is


7. Most Reactive Element Among The Following Is


8. Which Of The Following Is The Hardest Metal


9. The First Attempt To Explain The Structure Of Hydrogen Atom Was Made By


10. निम्न में  सार्वत्रिक विलायक है
The following is universal solvent