Banking GK (English)

1. ____ the first bank in the country to launch Aadahr Pay?


2. Federal Reserve is the financial organization of the


3. MICR code consists of how many digits


4. Name the service where customers may access their bank account and perform basic transactions form any of the member branch office.


5. The International Mother’s Day is observed on the second Sunday of the month of


6. Which of the following types of accounts are known as Demal Accounts.


7. Which of the following organizations is known as Market Regulator in India


8. Full form of ASBA


9. The usual deposit account of banks are


10. TCS stands for Tax Collected at ___?


11. In economics, DBT stands for?


12. Center has set up a 13 member committee on promotion of cashless society and digital economy. The committee headed by ,,,?


13. Upper limit prescribed for RTGS transaction is


14. What is IFSC


15. Which of the following awards is given by UNESCO to those who put their efforts to popularize use of science in life


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