Mock Exam for CCC(Nielit) English

1. A set of rules that governs the transmission of data over a network


2.  Dot Matrix Printer Technology Is Available In Serial And Line Printer


3. VDU stands for Very Dull Unit.


4. The Pie Chart has a hole in its centre.


5. The term bit is short for ___


6. Which of the following logic building blocks can be used to implement any combinational logic circuit


7. An application can be opened through shortcut on desktop by


8. Main memory is


9.  Which Of The Following Can Be Used As Primary Memory


10. The connection between the computer and peripheral is called


11. The www Standard Allows Programmer On Many Different Computer Platform To Show The Information On A Server Search Program Are Known As


12. LILO is used for


13. What is URL (Uniform Resource Locator)


14. Tabs That Appear At The Bottom Of Each Workbook Is Called Sheet Tab.


15. When you turn on the computer the boot routine will perform this test ____


16.  Microsoft Office Word Is An Application Program.


17. Which of the following function will return a value of 8


18.  IP Address Number Varies From


19. To be computer literate,  you must be able to write computer program.


20.  What Does The Now()  Function Return


21. Registers are high speed memory.


22. In A Binary Representation We Use Digit 1 And 2


23.  A ………….  is a pre designed format of text and colour scheme.


24.  The Powerpoint View That Display Only Text Is


25. A mouse,  trackball and joystick are examples of …………….


26. The Laser Printer Uses A Technology Called Thermal Process


27.  Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer Netscape Navigator Are Examples Of


28. To specify multiple recipients of carbon copy of same mail message, CC: Field is used.


29. Which of the following is correct


30. CD-ROM stores larger volume of information as compared to Floppy disk and Hard disk.


31.  What Is The Correct Way To Refer The Cell A10  On Sheet3 From Sheet1


32. _____ allows LAN users to share computer programs and data


33.  You Can Show The Shortcut Menu During The Slideshow By


34.  Absolute URL  Uses


35. The folder that helps in managing the file is known as


36.  Using MS powerpoint which layout will you use to display hierarchies  of employees in your company.


37. In which of the following, the keys must be ordered


38. Consider the following statements about Internet facility


39. Base station and MSC are related to _____


40.  Internet Is  A Network Of Networks


41. Before creating a master document, you must switch to ____.


42.  The Internet Is Owned By


43. The protocol used to transfer HTML pages is called Hyperlink.


44. The entire worksheet in Excel can be selected by


45. MS Windows is an open source, GNU license operating system.


46.  How Many Scrollbar Can Be Visible On The Text Area In Your Document Is Over 200%


47. Which of the following is not a transmission medium


48.  To Select Multiple Non Adjacent Cell In A Worksheet You Will Click And Then Holding


49. Power Point is a part of windows Operating system.


50. You can also create a nested list in your document.


51. Mark the most appropriate statement


52. A Popular Application Of A Computer Networking Is The World Wide Web Of News Group Called.


53. ISP stands for Internet Security Provider


54. The modem does not


55.  Which One  Is An Example Of Email Address


56. It is always possible to shrink a document to one page.


57. A software design description document only includes


58. Which windows program do you use to manage folder and files.


59.  Which is not common feature of software application


60. The domain name with an extension .com describes a company or commercial organization.


61. Computers are fast machines but inaccurate.


62. Drop Caps applied to


63. The favorites feature of Internet Explorer allows you to save the URLs of Web pages you visit frequently


64. Which of the following is required to communicate between two computers.


65. Refresh Button Return To Home Page.


66. What is backup


67.  Which of the following is correct about WAN.


68. In MS Powerpoint To Kind Of Sound Effect Files That Can Be Added To The Presentation Are


69.  Cache Memory Make Memory Transfer Rate Higher And The Raises The Speed Of The Processor


70. _______ is the IP address is the B class.


71. Which Is The Easy Way To Apply Varied  Animation To Test On Slide


72. Which Of The Following Is A Concantenating  Operator


73. What is the maximum of showing positioning of page handouts.


74. Fetching of an instructions for execution is done by the control unit.


75. It is possible to insert a sheet at the end of the work book.


76. The primary purpose of software is to turn data into


77. You can keep your personal files/folders in


78. Minicomputer work faster than Microcomputer.


79. Text area is not a chart component.


80.  Find The Odd One Out


81. The Main Memory is categorized as ROM and RAM.


82.  When You Connect To The Internet Your Computer Is Communicating With Server At Your Internet Service Provider (ISP).


83. Which file starts MS Word


84. Which connector STP uses.


85. In page preview mode ___


86. The more computer systems are becoming easy to use with their agromomical designs and user friendly software.


87. A client program used to access the Internet services and resources available through the World Wide Web.


88. Word 2010 Have The Facility For Checking The Spelling Of Word In A Document


89. A(n) ____ is a program that makes the computer easier to use


90. A relatively new technology that allows wireless connectivity is called ____


91. Graphics cannot be placed in header and footers in MS Word.


92.  Excel 2010 Is A Powerful Communication Software Package.


93. A modem that is contained within the system unit is called a(n) ____ modems.


94. Which of the following is considered a broad bank communication channel


95. “In Excel, the delete and clear commands perform the same function.”


96. ____ with first ask you if you are sure you want to empty the contents of the clipboard


97. Terminators are used in ___ topology.


98. Main Memory Is A Software Component


99. The AA is next to column of column Z.


100. The length of a file’s name under Win95/98/XP ___


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