CCC Eng(Cloud25)(W2)

There are 2000 Questions in this set, you will get 25 Questions in one time.

1. Which of the following a search engine continuously sends out that start on a homepage of a server and pursue all links stepwise


2. Which  Of The Following Is Not A Software?


3. The  Keystrokes Ctrl + I   Is Used To


4. MS Word 2007 Allows Creation Of ………. Type Of Document By Default


5. Formatting is responsible to enhance the appearance and outlook of the worksheet


6. The print command is used to print a text file on printer in the background mode.


7. What is the central device in Star topology ?


8.  What Symbol Is Used To Enter A Number As Text


9.  The Formula  Toolbar


10. The Number Of Pixel Displayed On The Screen Is


11. Pressing F8 key twice, selects


12.  What Can Be Shown On The Status Bar


13. You can apply it colours came to the current slide or to all slide in your presentation.


14. To See The Document Before The Printout Is Taken Use


15. 1MB is equal to


16. Operating System (OS) control and coordinate the functions inside the computer whereas devices drivers help the OS to control external devices.


17. A Directory Within A Directory Is Called


18.  Excel has a number of feature that make it very powerful spreadsheet program.  What feature below is not a major advantage to using Excel.


19. Napier’s Bone Is Also Known As First Mechanical Calculating Device


20. RAM  Is The  Temporary Memory




22. HTML is a type of protocol used to transfer data over www


23.   You  Specify The Save Details Of Your File In The


24. Which One Of The Following Statement Is Not Correct For Digital Signature


25. The memory which is program at a time it is manufactured is