Online Practice Test for CCC(Nielit) English 50 Questions

1. Single spacing in MS-Word document causes ___ point line spacing


2.  HTML files are text files only.


3. Business Person Should Understand Data Processing To Communicate Well With Computer Personals And For Using Computers.


4. The piece of hardware that converts your computer’s digital signal to an analog signal that can travel over telephone lines is called a __


5. To copy formatting from one area  in the worksheet and apply it to another area you would use


6.  The act of exploring web is known as surfing


7.  Word Text Can Be Made Italic By


8. The operating system of a computer serves as a software interface between the user and the …………


9. CPU  read the information from secondary memory


10. The Save As ………  Dialogue Box Can Be Used


11. A mouse, trackball, and joystick are examples of ____


12. To create the formula you must first


13. Presentation Programs Let You Create Notes For Each Slide Which Are Visible Only To You.


14.  The first page that you would normally view at a website it is


15. A chart is the best way to compare and show the relationship between two data items.


16.  GUI is used and an interface between


17. Microcomputer is a CPU on a chip


18.  Offline Operation  Is The Operation Of Devices Without The Control Of


19. You can only split one cell of a table in a powerpoint slide at a time.


20. During The Formatting Process A Disk Surface Is Divided Into Sectors,  Which Are Then Further Divided Into Rings,  Called  Tracks.


21. Lowest unit of speed is


22. A Utility program can be used to improve the function of an operating system is some way.


23. An online text based communication between Internet users is called as chat.


24. The set of computer program that manage the hardware/ Software of  a computer is called


25. The ………….. Provide access to all active application by maintaining a row of open application title boxes.


26.  What is the control unit function in the CPU.


27. The shortcut menu changes with the context.


28.  What type of  telecommunications Hardware allows you to access the web.


29.  To produce high quality graphics hard copy in colour you would want to use


30.  Which of the following is a Diagnostic software


31. S/MIME in Internet technology stands for


32. Bluetooth is a type of radio wave information transmission system that is good for about _____


33. Arrays are passed as arguments to a functions by


34.  In MS word you can force a page break


35. Microcomputer systems may be used in homes as well as offices.


36. Using Borders in Excel you


37.  Which Is True When You Insert An Excel Worksheet Into A Word Document


38. A microsecond is 1000times longer than a nanosecond.


39. Using MS Power Point which layout will you use to display hierarchies of employees in your company


40. The cells include in the range are A1,B1 and B2.


41. Pictures For Drawing,  Typically Displayed On A VDU To Allows Users To Select Program Option Is Called


42. Which file in MS DOS contains internal commands that are loaded during booting process


43.  Which of the following Method can insert a new slide in current presentation


44. A set of rules is known as protocol.


45. Decision tables link conditions and


46. ____ layer decides which physical pathway the data should take.


47. In Excel, ____ allows users to bring together copies of workbooks that other users have worked on independently.


48. The AutoFit to contents enables Word to widen or narrow columns based on the contents you insert in Insert Table.


49. You can provide the chart title in the Data Range section.


50. Bold, italics and bolditalics are available in all fonts.


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