Online Practice Test for CCC(Nielit) English 50 Questions

1. E Mail can be used to send broadcast messages, but only within your own company


2. The purpose of the MOVE command is to


3. The slowest memory is


4. Insert header and footer in a worksheet,  select header and footer option in the file menu.


5.  Windows distinguishes between the different drive by means of a naming convention.  Each drive is designated by a letter followed by


6.  You can create a template in word


7. From an e-mail address, one can find out the domain name, where this e-mail address is hosted.


8. You can search for a file in Windows even if you know only part of the file name.


9. The full form of ISP is Information Source Provider


10. Which software would you use to teach students in Computer classes


11. The ability to combine name and addresses with a standard document is called _____


12. The top most bar in any application window is the ________


13. A monitor looks like a TV set but it does not


14.  Which of the following is not a impact printer


15. Hard disk can store more information than floppy disk.


16. Main memory is


17. A mouse, trackball, and joystick are examples of ____


18. Usenet and Internet is the same thing.


19. A chart is the best way to compare and show the relationship between two data items.


20. 3D charts have a category (X) axis a value (Y) axis and a third (Z) axis.


21.  The following is a slide transition effect.


22. The data to be drawn as a chart cannot be selected after the chart wizard is started.


23. Every computer system on the Internet has both a domain name and domain address.


24. Microprocessor was invented in


25. Firmware is software that is embedded in a hardware device.


26.  If you import data and want to update the slide  when the original data changes,  you must ……………


27. To select the desired slides in the presentation, you have to press


28. What does the disk drive of a computer do


29. While typing in a word field manually, what must you press to insert the code’s braces


30.  If you wanted to be part of an online community that creates an educational website that allows its member to add to or change its information,  what type of website would you need


31. Reusable optical storage will typically have the acronym ____


32.  To delete the selected sentences we can press the following key


33. Which of the following is used in domain name for Military Web in any country


34. You can print  slides for  overhead projector transparencies.


35. Single spacing in MS-Word document causes ___ point line spacing


36. The ____ effects are special types of effects that allows you to specify how you to navigate from one slide to the other.


37. The IC chip used in computers is made of


38. News groups are also known as usenet.


39. ______ transparency is a primary advantage of both bridging and switching


40. Data mining is used for


41. ISO stands for


42. Terminators are used in ___ topology.


43. Which is not common feature of software application


44. Bluetooth is a type of radio wave information transmission system that is good for about _____


45. The latest DVD technology uses


46. Video Processors consist of ___ and ____ which store and process images.


47. Mark the most appropriate statement


48. Different cells with in a row can have different height.


49. Lycos is an internet search engine and web portal.


50. UP Arrow, Down Arrow, Right arrow, Left arrow key is used to move to the fist cell in the row.


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