Online Practice Test for CCC(Nielit) English 25 Questions

1.  Rewritable compact disks are  now available.


2.  Inkjet printer is an impact printer.


3. There are total 12 Functions keys.


4.  How Many Scrollbar Can Be Visible On The Text Area In Your Document Is Over 200%


5. In Excel, it is not possible to select two non adjacent ranges at a time.


6.  Different element in a child cannot have different transition.


7.  Linux is a multi user time sharing system.


8. Which of the following is a part of the Central Processing Unit.


9. Netscape Messenger is the email client packaged with Netscape Communicator 4.0


10. Folder is also called directory.


11. CPU is the heart of any computer system.


12. The Magnifier button is available on the


13.  DVD Stand For


14. The file extension of MS Word document in Office 2000 is ____


15. …………..   transparency  is a primary advantage of both bridging in switching.


16. You can add dates to worksheets, but spreadsheets cannot use dates in calculations.


17.  What Ribbon Do You Need To Be On To See The Document View That Are Available


18. News groups are also known as usenet.


19. HTML files are text files only


20. Drop Caps applied to


21. Internet Is A Network Of


22. Text can be inserted anywhere on the slide.


23.  Which of the following method cannot be used to enter data in a Cell


24. The entire worksheet in Excel can be selected by


25. Which of the following is not a transmission medium


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