1. India has signed a loan agreement with World Bank for 40 Million dollar for ___ Pro Poor Tourism Development Project.


2. Recently a new Megenta Metro line has started in …


3. Robbie Malinga was a famous ..


4. BSF Raising Day is celebrated on


5. ___ Bank has partnered with Rajasthan Govt. to promote startup culture.


6. Which state government will launch – Guru Shishya – programme in all distrists of the state


7. Complete the full form of RDSO Research Designs and ____ Organisation.


8. ____ has become the first Indian City to have its own logo


9. Vijay Diwas is observed on


10. _____ is hosting 11th Red Panda Winter Carnival.


11. Recently, Cabinet has approved the Agreement between India and ___ on Land Border Crossing.


12. Which country’s team has clinched bronze at the Hockey World League tournament


13. Where is Mount Mayon


14. Which Union Minister has launched the first NIC-CERT to prevent and predict cyber attacks on government utilities


15. Which new initiative has been launched by the Union Health Ministry on Universal Health Coverage Day