Online Practice Test for Current GK English 2017

1. ____ will host a ministerial meeting of UN Security Council on North Korea’s nuclear efforts


2. Recently ___ Countries have entered UN Security Council.


3. _____ is hosting three day International Dharma Dhamma conference.


4. Who is the winner of Harivarasanam Award 2017.


5. Education Loan’s default in repayment roe to ___ percent of the outstanding amount at March 2017


6. Vijay Diwas is observed on


7. Recently Typhoon ___ affected Vietnam and Philippines


8. Universal Health Coverage Day is Observed on


9. What is the full form of AAR: Air to Air….


10. Mehuli Ghosh who has secured her women’s quota place for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games is associated with which sports


11. World’s Largest Ice Festival recently held in ____


12. —– committee has been set up by the National commission for Minorities to study minority status for Hindus in 7 states and a Union Territory


13. who is leading Indian delegation in the 4th ASEAN Defence Minister’s Meeting Plus (ADMM-Plus) 2017?


14. World  Human Right Day is observed on


15. The Universal Health Coverage Day is observed on which date



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