Current GK 2017

1. ____ is hosting World Telugu Conference


2. ____ is hosting South Asian Football Federation Under 15 Women Championship.


3. ___ will host 3rd Edition of Science Film Festival.


4. Who was the last Governor General of India


5. India’s first runway on – Sea Bridge will come up


6. Adithyan, who passed away recently was the noted personality of —-


7. ___ is hosting the 7th International Ground Water Conference (IGWC 2017) on groundwater Vision 2030


8. ____ is the winner of Sir Garfield Sober Trophy for Cricketer of the year 2017.


9. who is leading Indian delegation in the 4th ASEAN Defence Minister’s Meeting Plus (ADMM-Plus) 2017?


10. Which country to host the 2nd edition of World Congress on Marxism


11. ____has acquired 51% share of Government in HPCL.


12. Kaka is related with


13. Who is Don Pramudwinai


14. India and ____ have recently signed MoU for enhanced cooperation in the health sector


15. SBI has got board Approval to Raise ___ crore to Comply Basel III



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