Online Test for Current GK

1. The Lok Sabha has passed the Muslim Women Bill 2017 making instant triple talaq illegal with upto  ___ years in jail for the husband.


2. Who has been named as the 2017 Best FIFA Men’s Player.


3. ___ has for the first time allowed women to spectate a football match?


4. A very powerful storm ___ recently affected western Europe.


5. Which country to host the 46th Congress of the International Hockey Federation


6. The 2017 World Polio Day (WPD) is observed on…..


7. Name the Union Minister of State for AYUSH


8. Name the new Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh.


9. Which state is hosting Five day Ice Hockey Tournament 2018


10. Which Indian sportsperson has won the 2017 Denmark Superseries Badminton tournament?


11. _____ is hosting three day International Dharma Dhamma conference.


12. Erie is a city in ___ state.


13. Union Home Ministry has directed all NGOs, business entities and individuals who receive funds from abroad to open accounts in any of the ___ designated banks, within a month for higher level of transparency.


14. Who has been appointed as the new Special Director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)


15. ____ and UNESCO have partnered for Videos on Indian Heritage Sites



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