CCC Eng (100)(W4)

There are 2000 Questions in this set, you will get 100 Questions in one time.

1. If Formula Is Always To Be Preceded By Specific Operator Like + Or –


2.  Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer Netscape Navigator Are Examples Of


3.  The Primary Function Of I/O   Peripheral Is To Facilitate Computer To Computer Data Transmission


4. The stop button interrupts downloading the web page.


5. An operating system that can do multitasking means that ___


6. You can provide the chart title in the data range section


7. An application can be opened through shortcut on desktop by……


8.  A Word Processor Is A


9. BIOS  program is stored on the RAM


10. The drawing  object and pictures are two basic type of graphics.


11.  Which of the following Method can insert a new slide in current presentation


12. Why is it unethical to share copyrighted files with your friends.


13. Which Of The Following Is The Word Processing Software


14. The simultaneous processing of two or more programs by multiple  processors is ____


15. …………..   transparency  is a primary advantage of both bridging in switching.


16. A folder is a set of files and folder.


17. The ………..  effects are a special types of a effects that allows you to specify how you to navigate from one slide to the other.


18.  the quick access toolbar has button for the most common task you perform in PowerPoint 2010,  such as saving undo and redo command in a presentation.


19.  What Will Allow You To Select Entire Document


20. Hypertext enables you to read and navigate text and visual information in a nonlinear way based on what you want to know next.


21. The quickest and easiest way in Word, to locate a particular word or phrase in a  document is to use the ___ command


22. You Can Check Spelling And Grammatical Mistakes By ……….  Option.


23. You can also open the Chart Wizard by clicking the chart icon on the Standard toolbar.


24.  It respond to an event within a predetermined time


25. What will allow you to select entire document.


26.  Most web enabled devices follows a standard known as


27.  The field size determine the amount of data that can be stored in a field.


28. The main function of the ALU is to ___


29. An Area Of Memory Or Disk That Assigned To Store Email Message Sent By Other User


30. Right Click Press And Release The Right Mouse Button One Typically To Open A Dialogue Box


31. Text in a column is generally aligned ___


32.  Superscript subscript small cap and strikethrough are known as


33. The File Extension Of MS Word Document Is Office 2000  Is ……..


34. The First Successful GUI  Appear On Macintosh Computer In 1984.


35.  In The Last Generation Computer,  The Instructions Are Executed


36. DNS  Provide Mapping Of IP With Domain Name


37.  The Slowest Memory In A Computer System Is


38.  The Operating System Provides The Interface That A Software Application Program Need To Communicate With The PC


39. The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data is Excel is called a _____.


40. Refresh button returns to home page.


41. The default file extension for all word document is .doc


42. FTP Server store  files that you can transfer to or from your computer if you have an FTP client


43. A network that provides a constant bandwidth for the complete duration of message transfer is a….


44. In Powerpoint  Chart Option  If Found Under What Tab


45. Lowest unit of speed is…


46. There are total 12 function keys.


47. The primary function of I/O  peripheral is to facilitate computer to computer data transmission.


48.  Which Of The Following Is Not An Example Of An Application Software


49. Hard Disk Drive And CD Driver Example Of Storage Device.


50.  a computer program that converts an entire program into machine language is called a/an


51. DNS  Is It Distributed Database Obtaining A Strong Consistency And  Automicity Guarantees


52. #REF! Error In Microsoft Excel Software When The Formula Refer To An Invalid Cell.


53. In MS Powerpoint To Kind Of Sound Effect Files That Can Be Added To The Presentation Are


54.  Which Option  Enables  Automatic Update In Destination Document


55.  which of the following can be used as primary memory


56.  Add, Subtract,  Divide,  Multiply  And Logical Operations Are Performed By


57. A utility program can be used to improve the function of operating system  in some way.


58.  Which One  Is An Example Of Email Address


59. What is the max cable length of STP.


60.  The output quality of printer is measured by


61.  Which of the following is not computer language


62.  Which Of The Following Memories Must Be Refreshed Many Time Per Second


63.  The first graphical browser of the www was named


64. Main memory is ……


65. A chart is the best way to compare and show the relationship between two data items.


66. “A …………  is a network that connects computer and devices in a limited geographical area,  such as a home School computer laboratory or office building”.



67. for large network, ……………  topology is used



68.  The Shortcut Key Is Used To Cancel An Entry In The Cell Or Formula Bar


69.  1 MB is equal to


70. The  largest unit of  storage  is


71. In ……….  Topology,  if a computer network cable is broken,  whole network goes down.


72. The landscape orientation prints the text length wise


73. The background of any word document ___


74. which type of network use telephone line


75. a monitor look like a TV set but it does not



76. software in computer


77.  You  Can  Activate The Drawing Toolbar With This Option


78. Hardware includes


79. Hard disk can store more information than Floppy disk.


80.  Which Is Not Common Feature Of Software Application


81.  Which of the following display program that are currently running


82.  A Computer Port Is Used To


83. A smart card contains a small processor that holds all train information.


84. which command is used to establish a link between a source document and destination document


85.  Find the odd one out


86.  CD ROM is a


87. The word that’s are wrongly type by you are marked with a yellow wave line.


88. The term often used in starting a computer especially one that loads is operating system from disk is


89.  who designed the first electronic computer ENIAC


90. Baud rate is


91. A new directory can be created by RD command.


92.  The shortcut key is used to cancel an entry in the cell or formula bar


93.  In Computer Terminology,  Information Means


94. Mark the most appropriate statement


95. ROM, Which stands for read only memory and is also known as firmware,  cannot be written on erased by the computer user.


96. Receive The Data From The User Enters Is Known As The Active Cell


97. Which of the rule mentioned below for range name is incorrect


98. A Utility Program Can Be Used To Improve The Function Of Operating System  In Some Way.


99.  In Excel 2010 You Can Sum A Large Range Of Data By Simply Selecting  A Tool Button Called ……………


100.  A Computer Program That Translates One Program Instruction  At A  Time Into A Machine Language Is Called A/An