Online Practice Test for CCC(Nielit) English 100 Questions

1.  ARP is an internet protocol used to map and IP address to a n MAC address.


2. Lowest unit of speed is…


3. Which of the following is the word processing software


4.  How do you delete a column


5.  A browser is a


6. The ………….. Provide access to all active application by maintaining a row of open application title boxes.


7.  Last column of the word speed Windows XFD.


8. The landscape orientation prints the text length wise


9.  The Internet Is Owned By


10. A Web Browser Is Also Referred To As A Web Client.


11.  Styles can be used  to generate a table of contents quickly in word.


12. Graphics cannot be placed in headers and footers in MS Word.


13.  Using Microsoft Word Find And Replace Feature You Can


14.  For a small website,  one need to buy space from the


15.  Email


16. Mark The Most Appropriate Statement


17. In A Spreadsheet Ordinary Text Is Called “Label”


18. The Default Page Orientation In Excel Is


19. The internet is a collection of files.


20.  Which of the following display program that are currently running


21. A Web is a program that your computer run to communicate with Web server on the internet.


22.  Which Of The Following Is Graphical Solution For Word Processor


23. From An E-Mail Address,  One Can Find Out A Domain Name,  Where The Email Address Is Hosted.


24. You click at B to make the text ___


25. A laser printer uses…



26.  A ………….  Is A Pre Designed Format Of Text And Colour Scheme.


27.  A Computer Port Is Used To


28. This first step in the transaction processing cycle captures business data through various modes such as optical scanning or at an electronic commerce website ___


29. Which of the following is the default view that allows you to see one slide at a time and edit it.


30. The file protection ring is an important part of label checking operation to protect tap files.


31. A Kilobyte Is Approximately 1000 Byte.


32. To the computer  literate,  you must be able to write computer program.


33.  The Quick Access Toolbar Has Button For The Most Common Task You Perform In Powerpoint 2010,  Such As Saving Undo And Redo Command In A Presentation.


34. To Open A File Quickly From The Open Dialogue Box Double Click The File Icon


35. The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data is Excel is called a _____.


36.  which file format can be added to PowerPoint show


37. The Floppy disks having program in it is not a Magnetic storage device.


38. To Create  A Para Break  In MS Word,  Which Key Is Used


39.  Operating system control and co-ordinate the function inside the computer whereas device drivers help the operating system to control external devices.


40.  The first network that planted the seed of internet was


41.  When a folder is copied to another place,  the subfolder in the folder also get copied.


42. E-mail can be used to send Broadcast message but only within your own company.


43. Up Arrow, Down Arrow Right Arrow and left Arrow key is used to move the first cell in the row.


44. Computer systems are comprised of ___


45.  Transmission control protocol is a communication  oriented protocol in the internet and works with the underlying protocol IP.


46. An area of memory or disk that assigned to store email message sent by other user


47.  Hypertext Is Also Known As Hyperlink


48. Reusable optical storage will typically have the acronym


49.  The Unit Of Speed Used For Supercomputer Is


50. offline operation  is the operation of devices without the control of


51.  In a spreadsheet a statement that perform a calculation is called


52. A client program used to access the Internet services and resources available through the World Wide Web.


53.  Which One Of The Following Is Not An Output Device


54. Slideshow refers to a design thing that helps in defining the formatting and layout of all the elements used for creating a slide.


55.  When A Formulated Number Does Not Fit  Display


56. What is the default file extension for all Word document


57. Window Explorer is a file management programs that you can use to…


58. A Mouse,  Trackball And Joystick Are Examples Of …………….



 you can show the shortcut menu during the slideshow by


60. …………..  Is a screen background and main area of window where you can open and manage files and programs.


61. Different cells in the in a column can have different widths.


62. The primary function of I/O   peripherals  is to facilitate computer to computer data transmission.


63. One of the operating system function is to manage the way information is stored on and retrieve from disk.


64.  A Computer CD ROM Drive Can Read Data Days But It Cannot Play Audio Cds


65. a mouse is a pointing device


66. Bold, Italic And Bold Italic Are Available For All Fonts.


67. CPU  read the information from secondary memory


68.  who designed the first electronic computer ENIAC


69.  An ISP Is A Company That Allows You To Connect To Internet Via The Server, ISP Stand For


70. In A  Spreadsheet,   Ordinary Text Is Called “Label”.


71. The enter key is present at the top of the keyboard


72. To Insert Clipart Picture From This Into A Word Document Which Of The Following Method Is Used


73. Word support to add bold formatting to the text.


74.  Which Of The Following Can Be Embedded Into Slide


75. Mark the most appropriate statement


76.  Which of the following is not a part of slide design


77. ___ is the process of carrying out commands


78. What is the process of copying software programs from secondary storage media to the hard disk called


79.  The Resolution Of A Computer Is Measured In


80. Which Of The Following Is Required To Communicate Between Two Computer.


81. The …………  provide access to all active application by maintaining a row of open application title boxes.


82. ROM,  Which Stands For Read Only Memory And Is Also Known As  Firmware,  Cannot Be Written On Or Erased By The Computer User


83.  DVD Stand For


84. In MS PowerPoint to kind of sound effect files that can be added to the presentation are


85. the resolution of a computer is measured in


86. The Windows control panel give you access to all of your computer setting and enables you to install and remove programs.


87.  The Function Round(1343.45,-2)  Returns


88. Business person should understand data processing to communicate well with computer personals and for using computers.


89. What is the control unit function in the CPU.


90.  The Utility Used To Increase The Speed Of Program Is Called


91. 3-D  charts have a category (X)  axis  a value (Y)  axis and a  third (Z) axis.


92.   Internet Is Not A Commercial Information Service


93.  Standard Width Of Column Is 18.43


94. A Cell entry can be edited either in the cell or in the formula bar.


95.  1 MB Is Equal To


96. Usenet and Internet is a same thing.


97. CPU Is the heart of any computer system


98. Chat rooms are actual know where chat session take place.


99. An Area Of Memory Or Disk That Assigned To Store Email Message Sent By Other User


100. GUI  is used as an interface between


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