ISRO launchers 100th satellite Cartosat 2 In orbit successfully.

The Indian Space Research Organization successfully launches a 100 satellite, Cartosat 2 series which is for weather observation along with 30 other spacecraft using  Polar satellite launch vehicle PSLV C40  which  lifted off   from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota Andhra Pradesh.   In its 42nd Flight PSLV C40 successfully launches the 710 kg  Cartosat 2 series remote sensing satellite and place it in  Sun synchronous Orbit. The four stage rocket first injected the Cartosat 2  series satellite for Earth observation into a 505 km polar sun synchronous orbit about 17 minutes after liftoff.  Then India nanosatellite and 28  payloads from 6 countries including the US and the UK,  weighting 61.3 km were released into the orbit, one by one in the space for about 7 minutes. The microsatellite built by ISRO was placed in Orbit.

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