Old GK- Eng(W9)

1. Who among the following was deputed to the Court of Vijaynagar as an ambassador?


2. The International Mother’s Day is observed on the second Sunday of the month of


3. Which of the following countries are not happy with the US says decision to  award congressional medal to Dalai Lama of Tibet


4. As a part of Children Day celebration which of the following is dead decided to issue birth certificate to about 1900000 children who were born during the last 10 years in the state but were living without a proper birth certificate


5. Ultrasonics is used for


6. Santosh Trophy is associated with the game of


7. Which Rock Edict fo Ashoka provides a description of the horrors of Kalinga War


8. Who among the following has won the FIFA best player award 2017


9. Which of the following state in India is a major producer of jute


10. Where is Zojila Tunnel


11. Who among the following was not a member of the Royal Commission on the Public Services in India, 1912


12. Which one of the following is the deepest point in the ocean floor


13. Agalega Island is located in


14. Which one of the following  rates is not determined by the RBI


15. From which of the following set of countries equator passes through.


16. Which of the following set of countries touches the boundaries of Armenia?


17. Who is the author of the book “The coalition year”


18. Which one of the following Vedic god/goddess depicts an association with the Sun


19. We read in newspaper that some sports person have to go for a drop test after their performance in the field,  why don’t test is conducted


20. Almost all the major bank who allow non resident Indian account or non resident ordinary account a follower tax rate to those consumer who give a prove that they are from a region that has DTAA with India.  what is the full form of DTAA


21. Usain Bolt who has created a new world record in 100m race is a citizen of


22. Under which Article of the Constitution of India can the President of India be impeached


23. Who among the following leaders dominated the Lucknow Pact in December 1916


24. India has different categories of commercial bank. Which of the following is not one search category


25. What is the oldest text of Indian Civilization