The Value of Traveling in Our Life

The Value of Traveling in Our Life

Introduction : Why do we travel, we travel for business, we travel for sightseeing and we travel for necessary but is it happen ever that we travel for knowledge or education. In European countries traveling is a necessary part of education.

Educational value of traveling : The educational value of the traveling is very wide. We can learn and understand things by seeing itself instead of reading in books. The experience we get at the place is more wider than the experience of bookish knowledge. The place we see with our eyes define the essence of the place and the culture used in that place the atmosphere of the place and the condition had by the place. However all these things we can read in the books or in the blogs or many other written places but actual experience is more effective than the books.
It’s supplement our knowledge:
Travelling give opportunity for getting practical experience of the world. Travelling made the man to come into contact with various type of people and culture and different type of foods and clothes wear in different type of places. If a traveler move about with his eyes open it open the door of his mind he can get a lot of knowledge about a man and thing which no book can give.

It is essential for health : Traveling is also essential for health growth as if a person go to the hill station he will not only get the fresh air and more oxygen he will get the relax mood and more energy to get back to his work. Not only this he will get more of knowledge and experience.

Its rules in promotion of trade and Commerce: Traveling gives practical knowledge of trade and commerce a visit to the commercial center teaches more than the contact made by telephone or any other way as the books of the commercial literacy. Personal contact help to build and expand business it is quicker and in the effective manner it help to understand the person the way of business and also the way to expend it.

Educational excursion essential for a student : It is very essential that students should get the ever chance of travel to new places so that he or she can understand things very well. Student should get funds from school or colleges for traveling and transport authorities should also give maximum concession to the students for the traveling so that they can go many places they want.

Conclusion: In last it can be said that we should use full advantage of traveling we should have our eyes open to the new things and travel hard to learn and experience the things.